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Jackie’s Exotic Animal Care Services

Serving Brighton, Howell, Fowlerville, Pinckney, Gregory, Webberville, and Williamston

With close to 30 years in the pet service business, I’ve cared for nearly every kind of unusual and exotic animal the world has to offer.  As a lover of all creatures, I enjoy pet sitting for all types of animals, offering them personalized attention and one-on-one care. Whether you are looking for a pet sitter to watch your animal short-term or long-term, I am pleased to offer my services.

Exotic Pet Care for:

  • Feathered Fowl— parrots, cockatiels, hawks, doves, and other birds
  • Scaly Companions— iguanas, lizards, snakes, geckos, and other reptiles
  • Furry Friends— wolves, ferrets, skunks, and more
  • Water Babies— turtles, fish, frogs, and others
  • Anything Else— please reach out… I’d love to!

One of my biggest motivations for being in this business is meeting and caring for new animals. No matter your pet sitting need, I am happy to accommodate.

I invite you to call or text me today at 517-798-9502 to consult with me about your awesome exotic pet!

Bird Pet Sitting Service

Exotic Animal Care in Howell, Brighton, and Fowlerville

Exotic Pet Care in Pinckney and Gregory Michigan